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  • Technology Development
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    Green Pine established the R&D center in 2003. With years of development, we've been able to undertake provincial important R&D task. Besides, Green Pine has been cooperating with well-known institutes and universities. We established three joint-laboratories or R&D centers for Turpentine derivatives or pine chemicals respectively with Fuzhou University, Xiamen University & Institute Of Chemical Industry of Forest Products to widely enhance the strength in R&D.

    Green Pine's independent R&D center installed more than 70 sets of advanced equipments and instruments. Leading by the professional R&D team which consists of senior , PHDs & Masters , the company has been optimizing and improving technology by constant endeavor of research staffs. It has achieved many patents on invention and innovative manufacturing techniques; Meanwhile, Green Pine keeps large investment on R&D to guarantee sustainable development and would motivate innovation to create more cost effective and value-added products to our customers.

    R&D center in Huiyao
    Co-laboratory of Fine Chemicals
    Green Pine & Fuzhou University

    Joint Reseach & Development
    Center of Turpentine Derivatives
    Green Pine & Xiamen University

    Joint Reseach & Development
    Center of Pine Chemicals
    Green Pine & ICIFP
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